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Tbilisi is the largest, most important city, and capital of Georgia. Because of owning beautiful nature and fresh weather, this historical and attractive city has been always a good destination for tourists from all over the world. Tbilisi has many tourist attractions due to its long history, and lots of beautiful sights, parks, and streets.


Tbilisi is the largest, most important city, and capital of Georgia. Because of owning beautiful nature and fresh weather, this historical and attractive city has been always a good destination for tourists from all over the world.

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In Tbilisi we can experience hot and sweet summers, and cool and memorable winters. We can see many rainy days in this city in springs.

In summers the hot days of Tbilisi passes with the temperature of about 28 to 32 degrees, and sometimes the temperature difference between the day and night reaches up to 15 degrees.

Tbilisi the capital of Georgia

Tbilisi the capital of Georgia

In the fall we do not have much rainy days in Tbilisi, and the temperature slightly reduces and finally in winter we will experience the frost.

Therefore the summers and the springs could be the best times for traveling to the great city of Tbilisi. The national park of Tbilisi is one of the attractions of this city.

The national park of Tbilisi is one of the best options for visitors because of its great history, great area, and awesome nature.

In this park there are a variety of trees, plants, and also different kinds of animals. Moreover; there are some historical churches and monasteries in this park that have added to its beauty.

The Jvari Lake is also in this park that its name is derived from the Jvari Monastery which is also located in the same park. The history of the Jvari Monastery goes back to the 6th century.

The Sabaduri Mountain is also in the National Park and the whole mountain is covered with treetops that makes a delicate view especially in winters and falls.

The Martkopi Monastery of the 6th century, the Zedazeni Monastery, and the Monastery of St. George are also located in this park that can be visited if you have the chance for being in this park.

Sights of Tbilisi

The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi is another sights of Tbilisi. The Georgians are mainly Orthodox and there are many churches in this big city.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is also known as the symbol of the new Georgia, and it is a very valuable religious monument in this country.

The dome of this church is made of gold and its unique architecture style is so stunning. Building this church took a long time from 1995 to 2004.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral that is located on top of the St. Ilia in the city center, is the largest Orthodox Church in the world and the third Russian high Orthodox Church.

Tbilisi Capital of Georgia

Tbilisi Capital of Georgia

The Botanical Garden or the National Garden is another sight in Tbilisi. This garden is located in the area of 161 hectare, and consists of 4500 kind of plants.

In the first place the Botanical Garden was held up by a French traveler named Jean Chardin in 17th century. The Lisi Lake which is in the suburbs of the capital of Georgia is another gorgeous attractions in this city.

Around this lake you can not only take the thrill of walking but also enjoy cycling in a mountainous area. The Lisi Lake springs from the Kura River and offers a beautiful promenade for the visitors.

The Mtatsminda Amusement Park is the highest place in Tbilisi which its height is 770 meter has also a lot of fans in this city.

Also the Lake of Tbilisi is worthy of mention here that its building background goes back to the 20th century. This artificial lake would be a good offer for tourists on hot days of summer.

On the left bank of the Metekhi River the newest park of Tbilisi named Rike Park. The telecabin in this park can transport the visitors to the Narikala Fortress.

The Turtle Lake is the name of another lake in this city that is located on the forest hillsides. The Air Museum of Ethnography is also located on the side of this beautiful lake and lots of festivals and concerts take place in this pleasing museum.

The Vake Park which is near the Turtle Lake, is the largest park in Tbilisi. The zoo of this city that is constructed more than 90 years ago, is located in the valley of the Vera River.

Although the sorrowful flood in the year of 2015 that had happened for this zoo, at the present time this place is open for visitors and a variety of animals are being kept in it.

The April 9th Park is one of the famous sights in this city and the fame it acquired is for the old pine trees in it. Also the Mushtaid Garden attracts a lot of people for taking a walk and having a peaceful time.

Eventually, the Vera Park and the Jinvali Water are another tourist attractions in Tbilisi.

Tourist Attractions of Tbilisi

The museums are the famous sights and attractions of this historical city.

The National Museum, the Money Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, the Museum of History, the International Dolls Museum, and the National Gallery are in the list of the words most famous museums which are in this city and by visiting this places we can touch the rich culture of Georgia.

Also in the most important and largest city in Georgia the Georgian carnivals and festivals are fully held that some of them are; the New Year Ceremony, the Valentine Day, the Halloween, the Parade Alilo, Tbilisi Celebration or Tbilisoba, the Wine Festival, the Jazz Festival, and the Color Festival.

This attractive and grand festivals attract many tourists every year. Also the famous streets of Tbilisi are another tourist attractions in this city.

Tbilisi beautiful city

Tbilisi beautiful city

The Rustaveli Street is one of these famous streets. This street is the most famous street in this city that consists commercial, cultural, and governmental buildings.

The National Opera Hall, the Georgia Academy of Science, the Kushveti Church, and the Baltimore Hotel are located on this street.

For another famous street in Tbilisi, the Agmashenebeli Street is noticeable that is in the old section of the city. This street is very nice for walking and it is on the side of the Kura River.

The name Agmashenebeli is rooted from the name of one of the kings of Georgia. The Marjanishvili Street is another famous streets of the city.

In this street the buildings with the European architecture, and very beautiful balconies, and fancy restaurants are conspicuous. The Marjanishvili Theater is also on this street.

In case that you like to visit cafés and night clubs you can go to the Shardeni Street. The cozy restaurants and the energetic night clubs are hosting the visitors at nights.

Traveling to Tbilisi

Traveling to Tbilisi can be a good choice for spending a nice time.

Georgia and its capital city have lots of attractions and beautiful sights and by traveling to this country we can get to know the rituals and traditions of this country and also by visiting the historical city of Tbilisi with 1500 years of background.

Although this big city have seen many wars, it maintained all its ancient architectures safe and sound. And we can see buildings with the medieval architecture, new structures with modern styles, and old Stalinist buildings.

Tbilisi Peace Bridge

Tbilisi Peace Bridge

There are modern and equipped hotels, and luxurious shopping centers provided for the foreign visitors so that the travelers also could have a comfortable trip alongside getting to know the historical background of Tbilisi.

Today, travelling to Tbilisi is easy overland and by the airways. The Iranian and Georgian airlines do this flights directly from Tehran to Tbilisi and vice versa in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Also the indirect flights are available of course with longer durations. The International Airport of Tbilisi that is located in the southeast of the city is capable of transporting a large number of passengers per day, and one can easily go to the city center from there by bus, taxi, or train.

An overland trip to the capital of Georgia can be easily done by bus, or personal cars. In order to take trip to Tbilisi there is no need to visa and having a passport is enough.

The History of Tbilisi

The history of Tbilisi goes back to 1500 years ago.

This old city was the first city that was marked on the map in the 4th century.

From the geographical point of view this historical city is located on the both sides of the Kura River, and is surrounded with high hills.

This appropriate location was the reason of many triumphs in the battles in Tbilisi. Building this city was completely by accident and was on the order of one of the Georgian kings.

The story was that one day the first King Vakhtang’s hunting bird was disappeared following a pheasant, then when they sought after the king’s bird, they found it burnt in the hot water springs.

In the same time the king ordered to build a city in that place and because of the hot water they named it Tbilisi or “Tiflis”.

Investing in Tbilisi

Investing in Tbilisi has its own costs and benefits like the other cities.

However, because of the special strategic position of this big city, its benefits are considerable and its costs are negligible.

Actually, the big city of Tbilisi is located on the way from west to east and it is one of the most important connecting lines that through it the energy exchanges and the trading could be carried out.

view of Tbilisi city

view of Tbilisi city

On the other hand, because of the Free Zone of Tbilisi in this city, investing in trading and industry is much beneficial. Georgia owns four trading free zone that the most important of them is the Free Zone of Tbilisi which is run by the private association of Tbilisi Free Zone.

One of the most important benefits of investing in these free zones is the tax exemption and the tax exemption for importation.

On the other hand, according to the Georgian laws, the foreigners can earn the residency and citizenship of this country by buying properties, and Tbilisi can be a good choice for this because there are enough amenities and ample essentials are well provided to have a comfortable residence in this city.

Also many fancy and luxurious houses are constructed in the city that most of their buyers are foreigners, and the local Georgians cannot afford them due to their low and insufficient incomes.

Buying properties in Tbilisi is with the currency of dollar and because of the very low costs of the property in Tbilisi in comparison to the other European cities, it can be a fine choice for investing in this city.

Security in Tbilisi

Georgia is ranked 85th in terms of global security indexes and it can be said that it has high security rank. Georgia’s position in the 85th category means that it is above the countries like Switzerland, Jordan, the United States and Iran.

In a closer look at the city of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia compared to Tehran, we see that the security index of this city is about 80%, and compared to Tehran there is a difference of 40%.

The crime rate, such as theft, pickpocketing, drug dealing, etc., is very low in Tbilisi. It is interesting to note that, according to statistics, walking safety in Tbilisi is rated “very high” in the days and “High” at nights.

So you can safely choose Tbilisi for a trip and make a safe trip for yourself.

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