Tbilisi Tourist Attractions

Tbilisi city tourist attractions

Tbilisi Tourist Attractions are agreeable with the taste of the public. Visiting historic sites and churches and amazing museums of the city is considered a great choice for those who are interested in history. Those who want to enjoy nature can visit the royal gardens of Tbilisi and the Tbilisi Aquapark will be a fantastic gift to your children.

The tourist attractions of Tbilisi are accompanied by numerous historical ups and downs that experienced many changes. In this article, we plan to have a dream trip to this city. Bear in mind that each of Tbilisi’s tourist attractions has its own specialties.

Tbilisi Tourist Attractions

Tbilisi Tourist Attractions

Mother Statue Tbilisi or Kartlis Deda

Tbilisi Tourist Attractions

The best Tbilisi Tourism Attractions

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Our guess is that when you travel to this city, you go to the historical attractions first. We have also begun this article to explore the historical sights of the city. The Cathedral of the Trinity or the Church of Sameba is one of Tbilisi’s spectacular views. The unique architecture of this church is brilliant. This experience will certainly be a great start for the city of Tbilisi.

Holy Trinity Cathedral is the largest symbol of the Orthodox Church in Georgia. The church is crowded most of the times and there are a lot of travelers, but if you look at it, there is a very peaceful place, and one of the best wonders of this church is its long-term calmness.

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Various people pray in this church, and light candles there and that’s a common tradition. It does not matter what time you choose to visit this amazing historical place, by the way, its beauties are obvious at any time of the day.

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Since 2004, the certain reconstruction of this church has been done, and the stunning granite and marble used on the building will be a brilliant architectural work. Our suggestion is to bring a camera.

Church of the Holy Virgin

Other sights of the city include the Church of the Holy Mary. This church is one of the oldest churches in Tbilisi and has a bell tower.

Keep in mind that the name of this church is taken from the name of Tamsal. Tamsal is a famous name in the Ottoman period.

Tbilisi Mary’s Church – Anchiskhati Basilica

It is considered that you must purchase a ticket to visit this church. To visit the Tbilisi Tourist Attractions spend enough time to visit the churches.

Anchiskhati Basilica

Anchiskhati Basilica

Tbilisi is the center of the oldest churches in the world, because the followers of Jesus Christ first went to Georgia and Armenia to promote religion, and the Georgian and Armenian people were among the first ones who joined to Christianity in the world.

Peace Bridge in Tbilisi

The peace bridge of this city is so beautiful that we did not like to introduce it lately. If your time is short for the trip, visit the bridge of peace definitely put it in your priority.

The Peace Bridge is on the list of the most important tourist attractions in Tbilisi, and brings hundreds of professional documentary producers every year. The bridge is designed in a hooked shape and has an amazing view.

Its location is exactly above the river Mtkvari (the river Kara – Kura river), and the state of the river in the river itself adds to its beauty several times as much.

Bridge of Peace Tbilisi

Bridge of Peace Tbilisi

The designer of the Peace Bridge has been an Italian person named Michele De Lucchi, and the design of this 150 meter bridge has been made with special sensibility. Second, it has been used linear lighting around it.

Visiting this bridge at sunset will be a great memory for you. It is the bridge between Rick Park and the Old Town. You can walk this bridge and enjoy in the evenings the place.

Narikala fortress

Another name for Narikala Fortress is Narin Castle, an ancient symbol for Tbilisi, built in the 4th century AD.

The name of this castle is Mongolian, meaning “small castle”. Narikala structure is very old and their walls remained in the same state. Visiting this place on holidays can be an interesting choice.

There are a number of columns in the Narin Fortress of Tbilisi in different parts of the city, on the columns there are historical inscriptions that can provide the right information from the ancient period.

narikala fortress tbilisi

narikala fortress tbilisi

Arabs have built Amir Palace in the old days in the inner walls of this castle. In the eleventh century, castle was further developed.

In 1827, the castle was subjected to an earthquake and was not restored. In 1996, the south side of the castle was rebuilt. If you plan to visit Narikala, we suggest you choose the hot summer days.

National Botanical Garden

There is a very large garden in Tbilisi, and in 1845, this royal garden is on the list of botanical gardens.
People who visited the castle Narikala can also enjoy seeing the garden, which is located exactly in a valley in the southern part of the castle.

Go to Botanikuri Street to enter this garden. The entrance to this garden is announced for each person for two laris(Georgian lari currency). (This is variable).

National Botanical Garden of Georgia

National Botanical Garden of Georgia

For a full visit to this garden you should spend three hours totally, each corner of the garden has a great value and a good time to spend. It’s good to give one half of a day for a full visit to the garden. Spring season is the best option to visit the National Garden.

The cathedral church, Kashveti

This church is another Tbilisi Orthodox Church, built between 1904 and 1910 in a ruined place.

The visit to this church is very valuable for those who are interested in art, the walls of this church are full of beautiful and old paintings, and you can somehow explore the great artwork of the painter Lado at the Church of Kashveti.

kashveti church Tbilisi

kashveti church Tbilisi

These paintings were made on the wall in 1947. His painter always used East Asian eyes for his pictures and his signature and style was very unique and beautiful. Painting of the Prophet Mary is famous for this church. You can find Kashveti Church in the list of the most famous tourist attractions in Tbilisi.

Every year, professional painters from all over the world travel to this area to get new ideas from the artist’s paintings. Photography is prohibited in this place, and only certain areas are allowed to take photos.

National Tbilisi Opera House

Among other spectacular buildings in Tbilisi is the National Opera House of Georgia. This opera house has been renovated after a certain period, and there are long periods of mending and renovation.

opera house tbilisi

opera house tbilisi

You have to pay an amount of money to enter the building to visit, but if you could not visit it, it’s worthy to see the unique architecture of this beautiful building on the Rustaveli Street in Tbilisi. There are many spectacular statues in this beautiful architectural center that can be very interesting.

Lisi lake

Now, we plan to go to places that are less noticed, but they are on the list of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Tbilisi, and it is better to see them if you have enough time.

Lake Lisi is located in the northwestern part of Tbilisi, and has a total area of 16 square kilometers. The maximum depth for this lake is 4 meters.

Lisi lake Tbilisi

Lisi lake Tbilisi

The water of this lake is salty, but the space that dominates around it, has made it one of the best tourist attractions in Tbilisi. Visiting the lake is so breathtaking in spring.

Silence is everywhere and it is the best place to escape from the city’s bustle. If you travel with your family, you can choose the lake for having lunch and resting.

There are, of course, more lakes around Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, including the great Tbilisi Lake and the turtles lake, which we explain separately on this website, and the photos and videos from these beautiful lakes around Tbilisi We will post.

Bath’s neighborhood (Old Tbilisi neighborhood)

The old Tbilisi neighborhood, or the neighborhood of baths, is a strange name on the buildings located on the right side of the Cora River.

This neighborhood is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Tbilisi, and it can be a very special choice. In ancient times, there were natural hot springs in the area, and these sulfur baths were used to treat various diseases.

old tbilisi

old tbilisi

Today, this place is considered an amusement park. Historians as well as geographers consider these baths one of the best places to visit in Tbilisi, and this area is very valuable for the people of Georgia, maybe you think why you should visit the baths, but this neighborhood is in the list of The most attractive tourist attractions in Tbilisi.

The most attractive tourist attractions in Tbilisi

Tbilisi Aquapark

If you travel with your family, it is better to consider the time for your children; however, visiting historical sites may not be attractive to your children.

AquaPark is one of the most exciting water parks in Tbilisi, which is considered to be a break in the tour of Georgia.

The park has been operating since 2006. The design of the park has been open and is one of the most popular areas for tourists.

Aquapark Tbilisi

Aquapark Tbilisi

The best time to visit this area and enjoy the place is from June. During this period you can enjoy pleasant weather and enjoy water sports.

The working hours of the park are from 9 am to 5 pm, and a ticket is required to enter each department. Selecting one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Tbilisi has been selected by going to the water park.

Rustavi St. and Freedom Square Tbilisi

It is surprising that a street is on the list of Tbilisi tourist attractions, but Rustaveli Street is not an ordinary street.
This street begins precisely from the Freedom Square of Tbilisi, with a length of 1.5 km.

This street is located in the center of Tbilisi, and we will see state, cultural and commercial centers all around it. Walking on this street is very valuable.

Freedom Square Tbilisi

Freedom Square Tbilisi

Bear in mind that spring is the best season for those who are interested in walking. Different parts of this street offer local ice creams that are special for the city of Tbilisi. You can also try local Tbilisi ice creams or eat hot local bread.

There are business centers and a well-known shopping mall in this area. Keep in mind that visiting this space is very valuable. Rustavi Street has been ranked first in the tourist attractions of Tbilisi for two consecutive years.

Clock Tower in Tbilisi

There are many old structures in the city of Tbilisi, where the clock tower is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in the city.

The Leaning Clock Tower in Tbilisi

The Leaning Clock Tower in Tbilisi

In fact, the design of the clock tower is like a clock inside the stories and is located near the Gabriadze Puppet Center.

The tower is built with a variety of tiles and is designed in a strange style. This watch is a very famous symbol in Georgia.

Tbilisi cable car

The cable car is a familiar experience, but the height and space that lies ahead of us is a bit strange in Tbilisi.

In fact, Tbilisi’s most exciting Tbilisi tourist attraction is Tbilisi’s cable car. Keep in mind that the cable car has been established since 2012, and starts off the southern rim of the Raik Park (European Square) and moves upwards.

Ultimately, it passes through the Mtkvari River (Kura River).

Tbilisi Telecabin

Tbilisi Telecabin

You must have a ticket to use this device, which is a long line to buy tickets on official holidays such as Nowruz or other occasions that travelers to this beautiful city are more than usual. Among the various tourist attractions in Tbilisi, we suggest you do not forget the cable car.


Tbilisi Tourism Attractions have their own specialties, people who are interested in history can visit the city’s historical monuments, and those who love nature, Tbilisi National Gardens will be an interesting choice.

People who are excited can use Tbilisi amusement systems. Tbilisi Tourist Attractions are agreeable with every taste.

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