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Georgia is a beautiful and spectacular city which is located in the Eurasia region on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. In terms of size, this country is small in area, but in terms of natural attraction and tourism, it is eye catching for many tourists.


Georgia is a beautiful and spectacular city which is located in the Eurasia region on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. In terms of size, this country is small in area, but in terms of natural attraction and tourism, it is eye catching for many tourists.

Most of the attractions of Georgia have been recorded in UNESCO.

More than historic and ancient cities where the Georgian traditions are very prevalent, modern and developed cities are also located in this country.

Map of Georgia

Map of Georgia

Among this modern city we can name Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, which is one of the most famous city in terms of technology around the world. In this city, shopping malls and large equipped stores are located beside tall towers and skyscrapers.

Georgia has small and big cities where each of them has their special Georgian customs and these kinds of customs even can be seen through the architecture and decoration of their houses.

When it comes to architecture, only Tbilisi and Batumi has been modernized and have been associated with acceptance of many foreigners.

In Batumi, building Villas developed through the years and made a good progress.

These villas have been built beside the beach and has so many fans among foreigners who are traveling to Batumi and invested in building these villas.

View of Tbilisi City

View of Tbilisi City

The people of Georgia are living in small houses and apartments because their low income doesn’t allow them to buy the bigger ones, so luxurious villas are mostly four outcomes.

History of Georgia

The history of this country dates back to the Paleolithic era and about 1800000 years ago.

This historic country has been invaded by different empires during many years, and also has been involved in Mongols invasion.

Then Georgia was defending the attacks of its neighboring countries like Russia, the Ottomans and Iran.

In 1783, Russia has supported Georgia for 20 years and in 1801 one of the cities in Georgia became one of the governors of Russia.

Until in 1991, after many conflicts Georgia declared independence and ignore the support of Russia.

This Georgian state includes 8 provinces, 2 autonomous republics of Ajaria and Abkhazia, and other autonomous region which is called South Ossetia which the Georgian name is Samachablo.

Georgia has an area about 69900 square Kilometers which is small in number, but it is still larger than some European and Asian countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Croatia, South Korea, Armenia and….. Most of the population of the country is Christians who are 83 percent of the total population, 10.7 are Muslims and other religions are abundant in this country.

About Georgia

Many things can be said about the beauties of Georgia.

There are lots of natural attractions such as pristine nature, mountainous areas and lots of other things which turn this country one of the most eye catching one to visit.

The beautiful mountains of the Caucasus region, which are snow most of the year, have created a spectacular and gorgeous landscape.

Nature of Georgia

Nature of Georgia

The magnificent country of Georgia has a great variety of climates, with 12 kinds from semi desert to semi tropical.

Due to this difference in weather, there are different soil types in this country which the number is more than 49.

The black sea has had a great impact on the weather in the west of Georgia, which causes lots of rain and because of this the eastern part of Georgia experiences less rainfall.

Therefore, the climate and soil type in east and west are different from each other in many aspects. Also, different species of animals, including bears, leopards, lynx live in the forests of Georgia.

The attractions of Georgia

Georgia has lots of attractions in nature and cultural aspects which are counted as unique ones all over the world.

Some of the most delightful museums in Georgia are famous in the world. There are also festivals and celebration in Georgia, which some of them are unique for Georgian state and are celebrated on a specific date.

Here we name some of these festivals which are the most popular one:

Festival of Colors

A colorful festival, which is also called the Holi festival, which has inspired from India is celebrated each year when Spring starts.

During this festival people throwing colored bombs on each other and they show their happiness with dancing and singing. They believe that spring is the birth of light and bring them joy and success.

New year’s Eve

Aon January first most of the countries celebrated new year’s eve and Georgia is one of them. At this celebration, many concerts will be held for free and people will celebrate their happiness.

January 2nd

For Georgian people, January 2nd is the day of luck. On this day, lovers give their loved ones a present and celebrate this day.

Georgian Orthodox Church Celebration

Orthodox church celebration is held every year in January 7th and it is celebrated in a special place where is the Great church of Georgia, Samba.

Independence day

The independence celebration of the Rose revolution is held on May 26th every year in Georgia and in this particular day person gives each other a flower as a sign of their victory and independence.

Halloween Celebration

On October 31 Georgian people celebrate Halloween like most of the countries around the world. In this ceremony people are dressed in different and old clothes and their dance on their scary outfits.


Tbilisoba which is the celebration of commemoration of the 1500-year-old city of Tbilisi is held every October in this country and some cities of Russia. Georgian folk is celebrating this day with their traditional music and they serve local foods.

Blessing of the Fleet

This celebration is held in Georgia at the beginning of spring each year. People prepare colored eggs and some other things as signs of blessing.


Alilo Celebration is being held each year on January 15th. Alilo is named after a Georgian philanthropist and has named this celebration. On this day, people will help those who needs it.

Georgia Museums

Museums in Georgia are among the most famous museums in the world.

Many of these museums show the rich and old culture of Georgia, which observing them help tourist to know more about Georgian people and their cultures.

Here we name and give you little information some of these popular museums.

Georgia National Museum

The Georgia national museum is one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the city of Tbilisi which was opened in 2004.

This museum has lots of ancient stuff which their antiquity is more than 3500 years and are shown in the museum as a sign of the historical background of Georgia.

Georgian National Museum

Georgian National Museum

The national museum of Tbilisi is a collection of Soviet occupation meristems, the museum of anthropology, the museum of Tbilisi, the museum of fine arts and also a national Gallery.

These museums operate as a subset of the national museum of Tbilisi, and located in a place apart from the main place of the national museum.

Georgia money museum

The Georgia money museum is one of the most beautiful museums around the world.

The place was opened in 1981 but after 8 years it was closed temporarily. Eventually, in 1998 again was reopened and started to work.

There are Georgian currencies and the variety of coins of this country in this museum, which are exposed from the past till today.

Tbilisi puppet museum

The museum of puppets was first opened by a Georgian author and teacher in 1937.

This author created this museum by collecting dolls from all the countries around the world and with the help of doll makers who was inspired by Georgian traditions.

In the following years, puppets from different cultures of other countries were also transferred to this museum and the Museum of Dolls from different nations was completed.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts of Georgia is one of the sub-collections of the National Museum located in Tbilisi.

This fascinating museum was officially opened in 1932.

In the Museum of Fine Arts, a variety of art work and precious stones, as well as many precious and old objects, including holy jewels and statues… are showing for the visitors who are interested in this subject.

Tbilisi History Museum

Georgia’s History Museum, located in the city of Tbilisi, is one of the sub-collections of the National Museum.

The Museum of History was named in 1984.

This historical museum includes signs of the rich and old history and culture as well as the traditions and traditions of the Georgian people.

Joseph Stalin Museum

The Stalin Museum of Georgia was named after Joseph Stalin and in 1957, about 4 years after his death.

In this historical museum, you can see the pictures and statues of Stalin’s role as well as his biography.

Georgia Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Georgian Anthropology or Ethnographic Museum is located in the city of Tbilisi and in open space near the Turtle Lake Park.

This historic museum was opened in 1966 for the first time by a Georgian ethnographer.

In the Museum of Ethnography, all types of houses with a Georgian style of architecture and Georgian layout made of wood, stone and other objects can be seen.

Traveling to Georgia

Traveling to Georgia is possible from all terrain and air routes. You do not need a visa to travel to this beautiful country, and it is enough to have a passport with a period of validity of 6 months.

Air travel from Tehran to Tbilisi can be done in direct flight, and it takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Traveling by bus is also a suggestion for travel to this country. There is also a possibility to travel from your personal vehicle and there will be no problem.

Travel to Georgia

Travel to Georgia

In this country, especially in the capital of Tbilisi, there are special and unique equipped hotels for tourists and they can stay in these hotels if they travel to this country.

The currency of this country is Lari Georgia, except for the purchase of property and vehicles bought which is normally done by Dollars, for the rest of the cases, the lari currency is used.

Things you may want to know about Georgia…

Lots of things can be said about Georgia but among all there are some interesting part which you may want to know.

Georgia is one of the European countries. In the near future, Georgia will join the European union and we can obtain Schengen visas and travel easily to other European countries by purchasing property or investing in Georgia and obtaining a residence permit.

Georgia also has fewer costs than most of the cities in Europe and you can purchase properties and investments with less money.

Among other things about Georgia, mountainous region can be mentioned, which has attracted many skiers, and due to the presence of snow in these areas, skiing can be enjoyed and will become one of the most equipped skiing areas in the future.


The festivals which we mentioned in this article, are a drop compared to the large sea of Georgia beauties and because this it is the point of attention for many tourists each year.

In this country you are free to use credit cards in big cities like Tbilisi and Batumi.

Make sure you are carrying a little cash with you. Also internet is well established in this country unless you are traveling to very remote areas.

Most of the cafes, bars and restaurant have Wi-Fi so don’t worry.

Transportation in Georgia is well established and easy and you will have no problem.

Something you may want to know about the people is that they are very hospitable and you won’t feel that you are in a foreign country.

There are also many restaurants and you will enjoy Georgian foods more than other places because the seasonings and a variety of recipes are spectacular.

So pack your luggage and make yourself ready for Adventuring in Georgia!

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