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Batumi can be called the second developed city of Georgia following its capital, Tbilisi. The city of Batumi has directed the attention of many visitors because of its pleasant and exciting beach, and it is a host city to many tourists from all over the world. In the beautiful city of Batumi many modern and comfortable hotels are provided for a peaceful and comfort staying.


Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia and a city on the Black Sea coast and in the mountain range of the Caucasus. If we look at this city from a distance, we see this city in a halo of fog.

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The city of Batumi has brought its face closer to the European cities in the last decades, due to the progress that has taken place in recent decades.

Having a temperate climate has caused many tourists to visit this resort during the warm season and in the winter and frost.

Batumi city

Batumi city

The humidity in the city of Batumi has led to the growth of a variety of plants and trees in the forests of the city, and it is like as if a cover of a variety of different plants.

The people of this city speak Georgian, and Georgian customs are seen among the people. Batumi local food is also very popular in Georgia. It is also a tourist destination with its high quality dairy products.

Burano (cheese melted in butter), Chirbuli (eggs and walnuts), Sinori (dumplings with dough plates), and chachapouri (cheese pie) are among the famous local cuisine. There are also many local Baklava and Shekarlameh sweets (Sugary Bakery) in this city.

About Batumi

If we want to talk about Batumi and its good weather, let’s take heavy rains that occur every day of the year.

Most of the rainfall is due to fumes caused by the Black Sea, causing a high humidity in the city.

This way the city of Batumi, is the wettest city in Georgia. The coastal city of Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia after the city of Tbilisi. And due to its spectacular attractions, it is called the capital of tourism of Georgia.

Through the harbor of this coastal city, many exchanges and communications, including tourism communications and commercial communications, are carried out and therefore this city is the most important harbor in Georgia.

The city of Batumi, with an area of 65 square kilometers, has a population of 121 thousand. Despite its small area, the city has provided all the comforts and amenities for passengers, and includes many sights. Walking through the streets of the city, we can see the style of the nineteenth century architecture.

There are also old buildings with Georgian architecture. At the same time, villas, large buildings and luxury towers and skyscrapers are also seen in this city and a combination of past architecture can be seen in the city of Batumi.

Many foreigners in this city are buying luxury and modern houses, and some are buying villas in order to be able to live in a pleasant climate and at the same time receive a residence in Georgia.

batumi street view

batumi street view

The purchase of property in Batumi city has advantages over the city of Tbilisi. Among them, it is possible to mention the very high price of property in the city of Tbilisi, which is mostly due to its capital city.

In recent years, the city of Batumi has greatly improved in architecture and housing, and there are beautiful and modern buildings in the city.

Also in the near future, Georgia joins the European Union and its citizens can benefit from it. Moreover, there will be a lot of enthusiasts investing in this city.

Batumi Sights

Batumi has many sights in comparison to its small area. Among these sights is the Batumi Boulevard, which is the oldest and at the same time the most significant sight of Batumi.

Beautiful sculptures and beautiful fountains are seen on this beautiful boulevard. Another spectacular site is the Botanical Garden, which includes 100 hectares of land.

There are more than 43,000 plant species in the botanical garden and are divided into 18 different sections. Orchid Garden, Blooming Garden, Rocky Garden, Magnolia Garden, Narcissus Hill, Bonsai Museum, Japanese Garden, tropical plants, and lotus gardens are among these beautiful pieces.

The May 6th Park is considered to be the oldest and most beautiful park in the city, where the Nurigeli Lake is located in the middle of the park. The May 6th Park is also includes aquariums, dolphinarium, and zoo.

Batumi Beach

Batumi Beach

Another spectacular sights of the Batumi is the Miracle Park, which is considered a popular attraction of the city and is located in the center of the city.

The modern buildings of the Radisson Blue Hotel, the Batumi Business Center, the Alphabet Tower and the Batumi Lighthouses with a particular architectural style are in this park and added to its attractiveness.

The Miracle Park is the venue for the electronic music festival in the summer. In addition, there are many concerts being held in this park. The Makhuntseti Waterfall near the city of Batumi is considered one of the city’s other attractions.

Also, the old and historical Makhuntseti Bridge is located near this 50 meter height waterfall, and it could be thrilling to visit this waterfall and enjoy its mountainous nature and pleasant climate.

Batumi Attractions

Batumi attractions have made a special place in the world and have attracted many tourists to see these works. Among these attractions are the museums of this city.

The most famous museum in the city is the Batumi Museum of Archeology. It was opened in 1998 and holds many historical and historic objects.

These precious objects have been collected from various times of history, such as the medieval and contemporary times of the city, and have been transferred to this museum.

The Adjara Art Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Batumi, with its beautiful monument. The museum features paintings by Georgian and non-Georgian artists.

The Borjgalo Museum of Ethnology was opened in Batumi City in June 2016. In this museum, paintings, sculptures and wooden works are kept.

Beautiful view of Batumi

Beautiful view of Batumi

Other museums in the city include the Nobel Brothers Industry Museum. The museum is located in an old building, located in the center of the city.

The Museum of the Nobel Brothers industry is more of a technology used in the 19th and 20th centuries in the city of Batumi.

The museum also displays technology that has led to the development of Batumi in the oil industry and international trade. The information and explanations in this museum are all in English so that tourists can easily use them.

The David Kumakhidzeh Religious Museum was opened in 2004, and a collection of sculptures, statues, paintings, wall paintings, photographs and books are kept there.

Visiting the David Kumakhidzeh’s Religious Museum can help us get acquainted with the history of the historic city of Batumi.

In the Khaliton Akhvlediani State Museum, a collection of historic and precious monuments such as antique axes, the Bronze Goat’s Statue, and treasures of the Castle of Gonio are kept.

There is also a beautiful natural mark, a fossil of 25 billion years old, from a tree.

Other Batumi Attractions

Other attractions includes Batumi’s Ali and Nino Statue. These sculptures are located alongside the beautiful Black Sea coast.

The two characters are related to a love story that describes the love between Ali and Nino and, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, these two amorous fell apart.

The Argo telecabinl is one of the attractive sights of Batumi, which elevates people up to 250 meters, so that they enjoys the beautiful city of Batumi and the Black Sea. Piazza is one of the most beautiful places in this small town.

The Piazza Square has an area of 5,700 meters and some of the concerts are held in this place. The Alphabet Tower was built in 2011 at the Miracle Park, and located on top of it is a wonderful rotating restaurant.

In recent years, in the city of Batumi, the astronomical clock was built on top of an old and historic tower.

The Batumi Theater, the Catholic Church, which is the newest church in the city, the Cha-cha Clock Tower that adjoins the Black Sea coast, the dancing fountain of the city, the panoramic merry-go-round of the Batumi town in the Miracle Park, the Cinema Apollo in the early centuries Twentieth built, the Batumi Harbor, the circus of the city which has been operating since 1908, also the Neptune Fountain, the Monument of Ilia Chavchavadze, and the Medea Statue are among the other attractions of the city, so visiting can be very entertaining and attractive.

Batumi History

The history of Batumi, based on the account of the Greek historian Herodotus, dates back to the fourth century and when the Scythians arrived in Batum Province.

At that time Batumi was part of the territory of the Achaemenid kings.

It was a beautiful city of successive years captured by the kings of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Lys kings, the Muslim commander Habib bin Muslim, the Ottoman sultans, the Russians, and the British, until finally on June 16, 1921, it became a part of Georgia. In the 15th century AD, and in 1627, with the arrival of the Ottoman sultans in the city of Batumi and the capture of the city, Islam also spread there.

At the same time, the Grand Mosque of Azizia was built on the order of King Abdulaziz Ottoman. The city of Batumi is located in the southwestern part of Georgia and is located in a very ancient Roman harbor, and has a short distance from the Caucasus Mountains. It is also located on the Black Sea coast.

Traveling to Batumi

A trip to Batumi can be a special and exciting offer for tourism enthusiasts. In July, the Jazz Festival is being held in the city and on the Black Sea coast, bringing together many people in the city. So by traveling in July, you will experience the city’s busiest days in Batumi. Traveling to Georgia and Batumi is easy and convenient.

Tourists have the choice to travel overland or on air, and air travel is especially easy to do. Batumi International Airport provides straight flight to Tehran at a very short duration.

Beatiful view of Batumi city

Beatiful view of Batumi city

Also, for several days of stay in this tourist city, there are a variety of well-equipped and modern accommodation and hotels that tourists can relax in one of them, according to their personal taste. For example, the Hilton Hotel, Sheriton Hotel are the five-star luxury hotels in the city that has all the advanced facilities.

There are also other hotels in different categories and lower levels in the tourist city of Batumi, which, if people without a tour and individually intending to travel to the city, should book them beforehand.

Therefore, they can enjoy their stay in a nice hotel and a beautiful city. The cost of staying in a hotel in Batumi is lower than in Tbilisi city. The currency in Georgian and Batumi is Georgian Lari.

In this city the Munich Restaurant, the restaurant Ajarian, the Batumi Heart Restaurant can be a great offer for delicious and good- quality dishes for tourists to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and delicious cuisine there.

Transportation costs in Georgia and Batumi are much lower than in other countries. Also, if the tourists intend to visit Tbilisi, they can easily travel by taxi, bus, or train between the two cities and visit the attractions of these two famous and historic cities of Georgia.

In the end, it is worthy of say that the city of Batumi with its pleasant weather, wonderful nature, sensational coast, delicious cuisine, low costs, thrilling festivals, and modern residences provides a memorable trip for the visitors from all over the world.

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